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Overview of the Main Types of Cannabis Strains



There are three main types of cannabis strains in the market. These are sativa, indicas and hybrids. It is important to know the kind of effects the strains have before selecting any medical marijuana to alleviate pain.


Before you continue reading, keep in mind that there is still debate on the accuracy of these classifications. Below is a general overview of the groups and what they mean for cannabis patients.



You can identify plants classified as indicas through their physical characteristics. The plants are usually, short, stocky and have broad leaves.  In dispensaries, the indica marijuana strains are described to be more sedative, physically relaxing and provide a numbing effect.


Most indica Medical Marijuana strains have a higher amount of myrcene. Myrcene is a molecule that makes the plants smell like dried mango fruit.  The more the amount of myrcene a plant has, the more potent and drowsy the strain is bound to be.


Generally, indica strains are recommended for alleviating physical stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, muscle tension, lack of appetite, and chronic pain. For insomnia, the marijuana has to be taken in low doses.



Plants classified as sativas usually exhibit slow growth patterns. The plants also grow tall and have narrow leaves. In dispensaries, sativa strains are thought to make a person feel energetic, similar to what drinking a cup of black coffee or tea does.


Some sativa strains have higher amount of a cannabinoid compound known as tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). This compound is thought to be the reason why the strains have a stimulating effect.  Sativas also have a lower amount of myrcene, which is why they have a lower sedation effect than indica strains.


Sativa marijuana strains can be used to provide daytime relief, improve focus and concentration, and prevent depressions. Other uses of the strains are for alleviating moderate pain, migraine and headaches, and chronic fatigue.



Majority of medical marijuana strains in the market are classified as hybrids. These strains may either have a higher amount of sativa or indica. The strains may also have these two strains in a balanced ration.


You should research well to know the effects that a hybrid strain is likely to provide before smoking or vaping it. To know how much sedation a hybrid strain is likely to have, check the level of myrcene it has.


The above are the three main types of cannabis strains you should know about. Get more about cannabis at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_indica.