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Various Uses Of The Best Medical Marijuana



In various places, the use of medical marijuana has been approved, but only for use in a hospital setting or under prescription.  There are various conditions whereby the use of cannabis has been indicated as the main drug. The most common use is the use of marijuana in the treatment of pain and loss of appetite in people who have chronic diseases such as cancer and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.


For cancer patients, the use of cannabis is indicated to help ease the side vomiting and nausea side effects of the chemotherapy drugs that they take. The indication of cannabis is essential as these two side effects can lead to continued weight loss, depression, more pain plus also suffering. According to some of the recent researches that have been performed by the scientists, it is shown that in some types of cancers, HC plus other cannabis-related drugs usually help with deterring the growth of the tumor and at times cause the death of some tumor cells. For a chronic condition such as multiple sclerosis, it is associated with muscle spasms and also unending pain and therefore medical marijuana is indicated so as to help manage these two situations. Click Here to grab facts.


Often, a lot of the chronic medical conditions usually cause chronic pain, particularly to the neck and back. Sometimes, it becomes hard for the patient to deal with the condition even with the use of strong analgesics. At times, the strong analgesics, which are the opioid analgesics and morphine, are not prescribed for long due to the increased risk of addiction and also the various side effects that are associated with these drugs. Cannabis is preferred by most of the medics because the risk of dependence is very low and it is also very effective. Read more about cannabis at http://www.ehow.com/how_6545245_draw-pot-leaf.html.


When it also comes to the treatment of inflammatory conditions, most of the drugs that can be used are associated with a lot of side effects. Also, such drugs take long to act. With the use of cannabis and other cannabis-related drugs, the effect is almost immediate after a person gets to smoke the substance and therefore the effects of the drug can start being experienced within a matter of minutes. When one is suffering from gastritis, medical marijuana can be indicated so as to help with the stimulation of appetite, relieving of the associated pain and also relieving of the muscle cramps that come with the condition. Go here!